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In Massachusetts, Compromise Pairs Net Metering With Declining Solar Incentives

In states around the country, there have been attacks on the net metering policies that support distributed resources, primarily solar power systems. Utilities claim these policies give solar system owners a pass on paying for the infrastructure...

Posted July 14, 2014    

National Lab Shows RPS Pays Off at Low Cost

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) have been tremendously successful in driving both renewable energy investment and deployment of renewable resources in the U.S.  Two-thirds of all non-hydro renewable capacity additions since 1998 – 46...

Posted June 16, 2014    

In Ohio, Battle Royale Over Efficiency and Renewable Energy Rages On

Ohio put energy efficiency and renewable energy standards in place in 2008. The standards have been a great success – saving money, creating jobs, diversifying resources.But no good deed goes unpunished. Some of the utilities have been slow in...

Posted May 22, 2014    

What's Needed For Effective Natural Gas Legislation?

Hydraulic Fracturing technologies combined with horizontal drilling techniques have generated access to an unprecedented volume of natural gas throughout the US.  In many of these locations, energy exploration is an entirely new industry and...

Posted January 18, 2013    

Expanding State Clean Energy Funds for Economic Development

A new Brookings Report was released this month that could change the nature of clean energy technology incentives.  The report, primarily authored by Brookings Fellow, Mark Muro and Clean Energy Group Director Lew Milford, looks at clean energy...

Posted January 18, 2012    

Case Study: Boulder Colorado Takes Action On Climate Change

Twenty years ago, the Union of Concerned Scientists had a t-shirt that showed a melting earth with a smiley face drawn on it to illustrate the Bush (41) approach to addressing climate change.  At the time, advocates were stymied by an...

Posted November 7, 2011