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Carbon Capture & Storage: Time For Coordinated International Action?

George Peridas, Scientist, Climate Center – San FranciscoA group of NGOs spanning different continents has just released a new report on Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS). (see press release here) The groups include Clean Air Task Force, the...

Posted December 5, 2012    

CCS and Earthquakes - Anything to Worry About?

 A paper (“Perspective”) published this week by Stanford University professors Mark Zoback and Steven Gorelick in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences questions the viability of Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) as a...

Posted June 25, 2012    

Less is more: Advancing enhanced oil recovery and geologic sequestration of CO2

Today, the National Enhanced Oil Recovery Initiative (NEORI) released its recommendations for advancing CO2-enhanced oil recovery. The Initiative comprises stakeholders from many different walks of life: environmental groups, technology vendors,...

Posted February 29, 2012