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Energy Policy Post-Election: A Chance to “Get Over It”

For the next two months the urgent need for our governing bodies to deal with the upcoming “fiscal cliff” will overshadow almost all energy issues.  There are some easily achievable goals such as approval of at least the lower portion of the...

Posted November 26, 2012    

Are Energy Politics the Enemy of Good Policy?

Any number of commentators have listed the energy particulars of both the Democratic and Republican party platforms.  I’d like to take a moment to use their statements regarding energy to illustrate a recurring thesis for me:  politics and...

Posted October 10, 2012    

Let’s Not Let L, N and G Spell “Stupid”

My journalist daughter always reminds me “Don’t bury your leads”, so here goes:  we are not just ill-advised, but downright foolish to expand the export of liquefied natural gas (LNG). There are several reasons why.World LNG prices are based on...

Posted September 14, 2012