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Japan Extracts Natural Gas from Frozen Methane Hydrate

Japan says it has successfully extracted natural gas from frozen methane hydrate off its central coast, in a world first.Methane hydrates, or clathrates, are a type of frozen “cage” of molecules of methane and water.The gas field is about 50km away...

Posted March 14, 2013    

Massive Investment in North Sea Oil

Investment in the North Sea is the highest for 30 years and rising, according to a report by an oil and gas trade body.Companies looking for offshore energy invested £11.4bn in 2012, said Oil and Gas UK, which comprises more than 320 companies...

Posted February 26, 2013    

Shale Revolution Can Empower US Economy

The current shale revolution at its current rate can turn the US into an energy superpower, according to Karen Moreau, executive director of the American Petroleum Institutes New York State Petroleum Council. Shale is leading the way in that front...

Posted February 15, 2013