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24/7/365 solar power tower - an addendum

I have made some statements in my previous paper that solicited questions. I will try to answer most of them by posting here a few pertinent excerpts from my book.I assume that a future, thoroughly electrified grid will require 10,365 TWh annually....

Posted July 12, 2012    

24/7/365 Power for North America from Solar Towers

It is possible to run the entire North American grid just on solar power towers. I do not mean that the combined array would provide enough generation capacity. I mean that it would provide sufficient amounts of electricity to satisfy the needs of...

Posted July 5, 2012    

The Right Carbon Concentration Target

James Hansen and other promi­nent cli­ma­tol­o­gists are call­ing to bring the CO2 atmos­pheric level to 350 parts per mil­lion. In fact, an orga­ni­za­tion,, came around that ral­ly­ing...

Posted July 3, 2012