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Industrializing an Irish Landscape to Meet UK Energy Needs

A landscape fossilized,
Its stone wall patterings
Repeated before our eyes
In the stone walls of MayoBefore I turn to goExtract from ‘Belderg’ by Seamus Heaney (1939-2013)I’m an unabashed map junkie, have been for years, which means I have the rare...

Posted September 16, 2013    

Ireland Looks to Be A World Leader in Wave Energy

“We’re fond of saying in the sector that we’re 90% under water…only 10% of Ireland’s territory is land. I’ve worked it out as 40 or 50 acres for every man, woman and child in Ireland”. I’ve accidentally stumbled upon one of James Ryan’s favourite...

Posted August 8, 2013    

The Burning Question: Can Obama Deliver on Climate Change?

Where were you when Obama finally announced ambitious plans to tackle climate change yesterday, some five years after promising to do so as a presidential candidate? I found myself sitting in the offices of the Hub; a pioneering shared work and...

Posted June 27, 2013    

Wind Farm Energy Innovation in the UK

Community ownership of renewable energy is still an alien concept to most people in the UK. Media reports are invariably negative whenever the two words ‘community’ and ‘wind’ appear in the same sentence. And yet, there are a small number of...

Posted June 19, 2013