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Why Ecomodernists Should Embrace Wind Power

And why we can’t embrace the Ecomodernist Manifesto until they doBy Jesse Jenkins and Robert WilsonTo save nature, humanity must decouple from the natural world, not attempt to live in harmony with it. This is the provocative tenet at the core of a...

Posted April 17, 2015    

Cost of Batteries for Electric Vehicles Falling More Rapidly than Projected

Summary: The cost of battery packs for electric vehicles has fallen more rapidly than projected, with market leading firms in 2014 producing batteries at ~$300 per kilowatt-hour of storage capacity, on par with market projections for 2020.Electric...

Posted April 13, 2015    

#EnergyChat Webinar: The Utility of the Future

For at least the past year, the electricity sector has been abuzz with talk of “disruptive challenges,” “transformational changes,” and “reforming the energy vision.”Behind all this buzz is the rise of distributed energy resources, including...

Posted April 6, 2015    

Has Renewable Energy Finally Ended the Great Clean Energy Stagnation?

Putting Renewable Energy Growth into PerspectiveFossil fuels have generated roughly two-thirds of the world’s electricity for the past three and a half decades.Despite the expansion of nuclear power in the 1980s and recent year-after-year of “...

Posted April 6, 2015    

The Role of Energy Intensity in Global Decarbonization: How Fast Can We Cut Energy Use?

This research note was originally published at Clean Air Task Force. Click here to download this note as a PDF. By Jesse D. Jenkins & Armond M. CohenSummary:Energy intensity improvements, or declines in the amount of energy consumption...

Posted March 16, 2015    

Can a Nationwide Conversation Ignite a New Era of Nuclear Energy Innovation?

Experts from across the United States will gather March 3-5th for a unique, nationwide dialogue on the future of nuclear energy.Simultaneous collaborative workshops in six cities will bring together more than 120 participants to craft a new vision...

Posted March 2, 2015    

The Keystone Showdown: #EnergyChat on the Final Chapter of the Pipeline Fight

The years-long fight over the Keystone XL pipeline appears to be entering its final chapter. The new Republican-led Congress recently passed legislation requiring the Obama Administration to approve the pipeline, which would link oil fields in...

Posted February 7, 2015    

How to Regulate the Electricity Distribution Utility of the Future

Summary: Regulators need new tools to manage greater uncertainty and incentivize electricity distribution utilities to both accommodate distributed energy resources and take advantage of the capabilities these new technologies provide.The electric...

Posted February 4, 2015    

Oil Prices Tumble: Impacts on the Economy, Geopolitics, and the Future of Clean Energy #EnergyChat

Global oil prices have been in freefall over the past six months, tumbling from a high of $115 per barrel to less than $50 per barrel this week. And that changes, well, pretty much everything in the energy world.$50 oil upends the balance of global...

Posted January 20, 2015    

Net Metering for Rooftop Solar: How to Fix the Problems

Summary: Net metering policies are effective at supporting solar power adoption but can threaten the financial stability of electricity distribution companies and result in cross-subsidies between electricity users once solar penetration grows. The...

Posted January 15, 2015    

Top 14 Energy Stories of 2014

2014 was another big year for energy news and commentary at From the impacts of tumbling oil prices and the largest climate march in history to debates over Germany's energy policies and a practical guides to...

Posted December 31, 2014    

Lima Climate Talks: A Catalyst for Global Change? A Future Energy Fellows #EnergyChat Webinar

[<a href="//" target="_blank">View the story "TEC Future Energy Fellows #energychat Webinar December 8th " on Storify</a>]

Posted December 15, 2014