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Weigh in on the Most Important Issues of Our Time

We're introducing a new page at The Energy Collective today and we'd like to invite all of you all to be part of it.  It's called The Hippodrome and it's a place for public discussion of issues that have an impact on climate change and...

Posted October 7, 2008    

President Bush Signs Energy Tax Credits in Bailout Bill...An Interview with Scott Sklar

This just in from Energy Collective Member Scott Sklar:President Bush has just signed HR 1424, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008,which passed the House of Representatives with a vote of 263-171. This package extends the 30-percent...

Posted October 3, 2008    

Tom Friedman Calls for a Green Revolution

From the, with video of his speech on Thursday at the Aspen Institute, Tom Friedman’s preview of his new book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution — and How It Can Renew America.     ...

Posted July 5, 2008    

Vote Early and Often

We've had over 27,000 visitors to this site since we relaunched in January, and the site traffic is growing by about 30% a month.  While we appreciate each and every one of you, we would liek to

Posted June 17, 2008    

Burning the Midnight Oil

While members of the merry band that produces The Energy Collective were up late last night completing a business plan for a venture fund competition, the U.S. Senate was burning the midnight oil in order to avoid a vote on the most sweeping piece...

Posted June 5, 2008    

It’s Earth Day: “Go *!$# Yourself”

I enjoyed Joe Romm’s blast against the New York Times Magazine’s “Low-Carbon Catalogue”, although with no coherent purpose this series of articles, I thought, still had a gem or two.   But as the media hoses us down today in all things...

Posted April 22, 2008    

Last Night's Salon

Last night we held our first Energy Collective Salon at the Georgetown home of Helen Runnells DuBois.  Rich Kolodzieg, Sally Ericsson, Judith Webb, Mark Lazen, Henry Gentenaar, Helen and  I talked at length about energy,...

Posted January 30, 2008    

Dirty Floors and Nuclear Power

In 1979, along with a few hundred thousand other people, I marched on Washington, DC, from my home in nearby Alexandria, to protest the use of nuclear power.  This march, either directly or indirectly, was unusually effective; coming a few...

Posted January 24, 2008    

Sometimes Bad is Bad: The New Energy Bill

We hosted a lively conference call this afternoon with several members of the Energy Collective, our  private  group that advises us on our site and how we cover energy and climate issues.  (The online group has been around for two...

Posted January 4, 2008    

Climate Bill Fails Key Vote in Senate

After moving from committee this morning, the Senate Climate Bill, officially known as the Lieberman-Warner Security Act" failed to obtain the 60 votes needed for fast consideration on the floor.  (It passed in the House yesterday.)Probably to...

Posted December 8, 2007    

Robin's Book Club: Just in Time for the Holidays "Hell and High Water"

We're helping you with your holiday list by sending to the first 25 people who go to "my profile" and fill out most of the personal area, including your mail-to address, a copy of Joe Romm's book, Hell and High Water: Global Warming: The Solution...

Posted December 3, 2007    

Buildings in Green... and Red

Starting my holiday season waaay too early? No, but I’ve been talking to some smart people recently about some of the strategic, financial issues concerning building green.  On Tuesday I met with Sally Wilson, SVP and Global Director of...

Posted November 29, 2007