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Sweden's Quest to be the First Oil-free Nation

Famous for Volvo, Ikea and Absolut Vodka, Sweden is now on a new pursuit to become the first completely oil-free economy in the world by 2020.The oil crisis in the early 1970s forced Sweden to embark on a quest for alternative energy sources. Its...

Posted April 11, 2013    

China’s Growing Methanol Economy

Could methanol be the feasible path toward replacing petroleum-based fuels?Balancing dependence on Middle East oil against increasing fuel demand continues to challenge China in its ongoing urbanization and industrialization. In an effort to adapt...

Posted March 1, 2013    

Lessons From AT&T: Should Big Oil Get Scared?

When’s the last time you made a long-distance phone call? Do you even notice the difference between local and long-distance charges? Before 1984, only AT&T could sell long-distance telephone service, making a long-distance call to your great...

Posted February 5, 2013