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I'm not so shocked but anyway... [Infographic]

A great infographic of the shocking statistics behind world CO2 emissions... Source:

Posted July 16, 2010    

Don't be Matt Lauer in Land of the Lost

David Leonhardt considers the benefits and costs of oil spill prevention and climate change (Spillonomics): ... The people running BP did a dreadful job of estimating the true chances of events that seemed unlikely — and may even have been unlikely...

Posted June 5, 2010    

Econbrowser: Pictures at a Catastrophe

The more worrisome picture is below. It depicts the cumulative spill, using the initial estimate, and the more recent estimates based on analyses of the footage of the leaks. Figure 2: Estimated cumulative oil spill, according to NOAA (blue line...

Posted May 17, 2010    

Guest post: Who gets the goodies?

Ted Gayer looks at who gets the value of carbon allowances in the new Senate cap-and-trade bill.  He finds that, over the first decade, the bill auctions less than a quarter of the allowances, the remainder being given away to...

Posted May 14, 2010    

Minerals Management Service and the Oil & Gas Industry: The wisdom of Solomon

The Interior Department plans to split the Minerals Management Service into two divisions, one focusing on gathering royalties from oil and gas companies and another focused on safety inspections, the department intends to announce Tuesday. ......

Posted May 11, 2010    

Note to Environmentalists Part II

The climate change bill that was supposed to be unveiled in the Senate on Monday is now on indefinite hold. Senator Lindsey Graham, the lone Republican supporter, walked away from the bill because President Obama and the Democratic leadership...

Posted April 26, 2010    

Senate Climate Bill Debut Set for April 26 (Just in time for Earth Day!)

The three Senate sponsors of climate and energy legislation now plan to unveil their proposal on April 26, aides said, a few days later than expected but in time for potential floor debate before the Senate adjourns for its annual summer recess....

Posted April 14, 2010    

A ton of SO2 costs less than a beer?*

From the Clean Air Markets page at the USEPA:The 2010 SO2 Allowance Auction took place on March 23, 2010. Allowances were auctioned that could first be used in 2010 as well as in 2017. Congrats to Lynne Lewis as Bates College environmental...

Posted April 12, 2010    

Obama to open offshore areas for oil and gas drilling

Because it won't (Obama to open offshore areas ...): The Obama administration is proposing to open vast expanses of water along the Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north coast of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling, much of...

Posted March 31, 2010    

Preliminary results from an offshore wind farm/recreation survey in North Carolina

Given current technology offshore wind turbines are feasible to a depth of 30 meters. New technology exists to site wind turbines to a depth of 50 meters while 100 meter technology is on the horizon. Considering this, offshore wind turbines are...

Posted March 26, 2010    

How Reliable are Cost Estimates for Environmental Regulation?

Tiffany Clements: Anecdotal information often drives a perception that environmental regulation is responsible for significant economic damage to regulated industries, including reduced productivity and lost jobs. Thus, opponents often claim that...

Posted March 8, 2010    

Putting a Price on Carbon: An Emissions Cap or a Tax?

Yale Environment 360 asked a number of environmentalists, economists, and academics to explain which approach – cap-and-trade or a carbon tax – they preferred. There was disagreement on many points, but on one issue most concurred. As Jeffrey D....

Posted March 3, 2010