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Carbon tax is a poison *b*ill

Grist, making my case:This may piss off some people I respect a great deal. Nonetheless, after hearing it in several off-the-record conversations in D.C. last week, I believe it's something that needs to be said publicly:The 111th U.S. Congress is...

Posted January 31, 2009    

"He said, she said" reporting mangles climate economics story

What do you get when you give a respected journalist an academic fellowship? A new species entirely: a readable academic paper. Eric Pooley, former managing editor of Fortune and a writer for Time magazine spent his fall semester at Harvard. The...

Posted January 25, 2009    

Dispatch from Beijing

Today I traded facing a few million Americans, who have descended upon Washington DC for the inauguration, for a city where a few million on the street during morning rush hour is just another Tuesday.Not that it matters to anyone but myself, but I...

Posted January 20, 2009    

Has anyone else noticed that the new trees at the top of the page keep growing?

John must be playing on his 'day off.'Link to original post

Posted January 19, 2009    

Obama on recovery, green jobs and renewable energy

Obama on energy and economic recovery:That starts with new, clean sources of energy. We know that the possibilities here are limitless. Here in Ohio and across America, we’ve seen old factories become new clean energy producers. We’ve seen...

Posted January 17, 2009    

Cap v FTax

The Financial Times' lead editorial today argues for prices over command-and-control (duh!) and then goes on to say a tax would be better than a cap (d'oh!). Where to begin?Well, first, let me once again point anyone interested to an ongoing debate...

Posted January 2, 2009    

Passive houses, active policies

The most-emailed NYT article for two days running has not been another explanation of the shaky housing market (that's #2), but rather a front-page story on solidly built "passive houses":Using ultrathick insulation and complex doors and windows,...

Posted December 28, 2008    

Over a barrel, FT takes it in stride

Tomorrow's FT has an analysis of the recent oil price drop that's spot-on. The first sentence already says it all:The plunging oil price is like a dangerously addictive painkiller: short-term relief is being provided at a cost of serious long-term...

Posted December 21, 2008    

Where do John's loyalties lie?

January 2. 5:00 PM.  Memphis. TN. ECU (former employer of John--and me) vs. Kentucky (awarder of John's PhD). What will John do?  Purple or Blue? The world awaits a decision.The time off should be especially beneficial for Kentucky,...

Posted December 9, 2008    

Obama rears his head at climate summit

President-elect Obama shows his support for Governor Schwarzenegger's bi-partisan governors climate summit:Among the notable quotables:My presidency will mark a new chapter in America’s leadership on climate change that will strengthen our security...

Posted November 18, 2008    

Food, it's what's for dinner

From the man who gave us the phrase "eat food, not too much, mostly plants" comes a memo to the next president on why food matters, and much more so than you'd think. Michael Pollan makes a compelling case for why food policy matters in making "...

Posted October 12, 2008    

Doing very well while doing good

Today's New York Times Magazine portrays venture capitalist firm Kleiner Perkins and the new green Silicon Valley. They are betting hundreds of millions of dollars that now is the time for clean energy:[T]he firm’s green-tech investments didn’tseem...

Posted October 4, 2008