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Cap-and-Trade's Moment of Truth

With the looming expansion of its cap-and-trade program to transportation fuels like gasoline, California is fast approaching a significant moment of truth for its climate policy. This has some people nervous, and there are growing rumblings of...

Posted July 16, 2014    

EPA and Climate Regulation: Mind the Gaps

Last week, following years of anticipation, the shoe finally dropped on EPA carbon regulations. Two or three things are notable in this. First, we’re on the road to a national climate policy!   Second, EPA is going out of its way to...

Posted June 18, 2014    

The Politics of Renewable Energy

I found the recent NY Times article on the shifting politics of renewable energy morbidly fascinating on both a political and economic level. Basically the article pieces together anecdotes of odd-couple political alliances between renewable energy...

Posted January 29, 2014    

The Real Balkanization of the Power Grid

A few months ago, The New York Times ran a prominent article that focused on a familiar stalking horse for U.S. energy policy analysts: the difficulties building new transmission.  The gist of the story is that we have a system with so many...

Posted November 7, 2013    

Is an Economist Allowed to Oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline?

It feels at times as if opposing the XL pipeline requires one to give up their keys to the Energy Institute executive washroom. Chris Knittel has argued that stopping XL would yield  little to no reductions in emissions. Severin Borenstein sees...

Posted September 18, 2013    

Electricity Industry: JP Morgan and Market Complexity

I’ve actually started to write this blog post several times over the last 9 months,  but other things come up and I put it on the shelf.   Fortunately (or not) the JP Morgan power trading story just keeps coming back, .. and...

Posted August 14, 2013