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Swapping Negawatts for Megawatts Under the EPA's Proposed Clean Power Plan

If you are embarking on a new weight loss plan, it typically makes sense to pursue a mixed strategy of diet and exercise. If you are working to get your finances under control, you should look for ways to increase your household earnings and reduce...

Posted June 25, 2014    

Chumps or Champs? California Leads on Climate

Governor Jerry Brown, speaking at a Giannini Foundation event last week, summarized California's dilemma with respect to climate change:“We're one percent of the (climate change) problem. We have to get other states and other nations on a similar...

Posted May 28, 2014    

Shipping Oil by Rail: A Modern-Day Problem of Social Cost

While environmental groups and other stakeholders have been working hard to delay – if not derail- major pipeline projects like Keystone, oil companies have been working hard to find alternative ways to get their crude oil to market:A single unit...

Posted April 15, 2014    

On the Inefficiency of Fuel Efficiency Standards

Imagine you have just been pulled over for exceeding the speed limit. The officer explains that the penalty for speeding decreases with engine size. Why? Because it is relatively more difficult for drivers of high performance cars to exercise...

Posted February 11, 2014    

Cap-and-Trade Throws a Wrench Into the Gears of Green Consumerism

Last week, Severin posted a great piece on household electricity consumption. Armed with a simple metering device and your energy bill, you can easily measure how your various household appliances affect your energy consumption and your pocketbook....

Posted January 8, 2014    

Natural Gas: Not All It's Fracked Up to Be?

Natural gas is being touted as a “game changer” and a “bridge to a low carbon economy.” It is an abundant, made-in-America energy source.  It is about half as carbon intensive as coal when burned.The figure below suggests that a natural gas...

Posted December 10, 2013    

Power Plant Regulations: Much Ado About Nothing?

“Cutting carbon pollution from power plants” is the first item on President Obama’s 2013 Climate Action Plan.  The first milestone in this effort involves setting carbon dioxide emissions standards for new power plants. Last week, EPA...

Posted October 9, 2013    

Solar Panels (and Energy Efficiency) at the White House

Last week, the Washington Post reported that solar panels are being installed on the White House roof. Or, more accurately, re-installed.  Jimmy Carter installed a solar thermal system on this roof back in 1979. This was quickly removed by...

Posted August 28, 2013    

British Columbia Declines Oil Pipeline. Should Obama follow suit?

When President Obama blocked approval of the Keystone XL pipeline to transport oil from the Canadian oil sands to the Gulf Coast back in 2012, the Canadian government took notice. The Foreign Affairs Minister was quoted as saying:


Posted June 25, 2013