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The Trouble With Air-Conditioners

Demand response is a topic that can easily bring a sleepy man to dreamland.So it was with some trepidation that I attended the New York Academy of Sciences' "Market Makers: Developing and Deploying Energy Efficiency Technology in NYC" event, part of...

Posted September 28, 2011    

Algae Away! US Navy Invests In Alternative Fuels

For every 50 fuel convoys deployed by the US military, one soldier dies or gets injured.An astounding figure shared by Thomas Hicks, deputy assistant secretary of the US Navy for energy, at the Clinton Global Initiative meetings in New York Tuesday...

Posted September 27, 2011    

Cheaper Solar Energy Through Leasing: The Green Skeptic on LunchBreak

I sat down today with Wendy Bounds of's new LunchBreak program to talk about solar leasing and two companies, SolarCity and SunRun, making solar energy generation more affordable for homeowners. Here is the video: And her is a link to...

Posted September 23, 2011    

Solyndra Saga: The Kaiser Connection

In my post Wednesday on Solyndra's bankruptcy I alluded to the fact that some people are questioning why the government took such a strong interest in backing this particular company with an expensive, risky technology.  I wrote then that I'd...

Posted September 9, 2011    

The Market Sorted, Solyndra Lost

President Obama Visiting Solyndra, May 2010 (Solyndra)The sun has set on Solyndra. The solar panel manufacturer, once the darling of the US Department of Energy, which bestowed its blessings in the form of a $535 million loan guarantee, is...

Posted September 7, 2011    

Green Jobs, Gore's Gaff & Government Getting Out of the Way: The Green Skeptic on FOX

This morning I talked with Stuart Varney about green jobs, Al Gore's bizarre statement equating climate skeptics with racists, and getting the government out of the way of private sector job creation. Here's the video: Watch the latest video at...

Posted August 30, 2011    

When Too Much (Solar) Success Is a Bad Thing

New Jersey is known as the "Garden State," but drive through it these days and you see a different kind of harvest: solar energy. You'll find solar panels on large suburban homes and apartment complexes, solar panels on many of the light poles,...

Posted August 25, 2011    

How a Cleantech Failure Can Be More Valuable Than Success

Failure is tough. Many businesses fail, including some very viable ones. They fail all the time. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 50 percent of all new businesses fail during the first year and 95 percent during the...

Posted August 18, 2011    

Heavy Truck Fuel Efficiency: The Green Skeptic on FOX Business

I sat down with Charles Payne and the gang at Varney & Co on FOX Business yesterday to talk about Heavy Truck Fuel Efficiency Standards.  We had a lively conversation. Here's the video: Watch the latest video at

Posted August 12, 2011    

First Solar Slumps; Can it Rise Again?

Photo courtesy First SolarIt was hard to be optimistic listening to First Solar's earnings call yesterday.  CEO Rob Gillette sounded like a guy putting on a brave face when he talked about how the company continued to execute despite a "...

Posted August 5, 2011    

Energy Transition and America's Future: Interview with Gregor MacDonald

Gregor MacDonaldFor those of you who follow Gregor MacDonald (@gregormacdonald) on Twitter or read his excellent blog,, or were fortunate enough to catch his subscription-only newsletter and weekly web-TV program while it lasted on...

Posted August 5, 2011    

CAFE Society? The Green Skeptic on FOX Business

I sat down with Stuart Varney & Company on FOX Business this morning to talk about the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards proposed by the Obama administration. My take: I think better fuel economy is a good thing. Here is the...

Posted July 28, 2011