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CA Considers Feed-in-Tariff: Green Skeptic on FOX Business

I was on FOX Business with Varney & Co this morning, trying to set the record straight on Feed-in-Tariffs (and why I don't like them: it's NOT about the money). It was a lively discussion -- and Stuart revealed that he has a wind turbine on his...

Posted October 14, 2010    

Cleantech Jobs Race is Heating Up Globally

If you had to guess which US cities were among the top metropolitan areas for cleantech jobs, what would you say? Today, Clean Edge, a leading research organization for the sector, released its second annual look at the state of cleantech jobs in...

Posted October 7, 2010    

Philadelphia Innovation Cluster Seen as "Key to Future"

Rendering of Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster at Navy Yard"I'm a bit like Ryan Howard," Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter told the crowd at the Navy Yard. "I get to bat clean-up and take us onto the championship." The Mayor's reference to...

Posted September 27, 2010    

No More Smoke in Their Eyes: Clean Cookstoves

Gas is better than wood. (Photo by author.)If you've never traveled in villages and rural areas of the developing world, it is difficult to imagine that nearly 3 billion people still cook with primitive technologies from earlier centuries. The...

Posted September 21, 2010    

Nissan LEAF Polar Bear Commercial

How many of you caught this Nissan LEAF polar bear commercial during last night's Saints-Vikings game? I know some environmentalists will hate this, but I think it's very clever. Related articles by ZemantaNissan Leaf Is All About The Polar Bear...

Posted September 10, 2010    

Cleantech Innovation in China: Insights from the Cleantech Group

The Future of Cleantech? Today, "Made in China" increasingly means innovated in China.  So argues a new report from the Cleantech Group released last week, "Cleantech Innovation in China." China became the world’s largest cleantech investor in...

Posted September 7, 2010    

Philadelphia Subways to Brake for Energy Generation

Image by kitch via Flickr What do you get when you pair the latest 21st century energy technologies with with one of the country’s oldest transportation systems? Viridity Energy, a Philadelphia-area smart grid company, and the Southeastern...

Posted September 2, 2010    

With Tesla IPO, Has the Age of Electric Vehicles Arrived?

Tesla Motors will have its IPO today. The Nissan LEAF electric vehicle sold out shortly after it was announced, many of the orders coming from first-time Nissan customers. The Chevy Volt may even hit the showroom later this year. It certainly seems...

Posted June 29, 2010    

Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act

I've been away this week and am just starting to catch up on the news. Thanks to our friends at The Green Energy Reporter for pointing me to Brad Johnson's analysis of the Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act from Think Progress/The Wonk Room: A...

Posted May 14, 2010    

Two Coasts Tell Tale of Where We Are

What happened on two coasts in the US the past two weeks speaks to our energy reality. The two coasts tell us where we are. Both events illustrate the conundrum in which we find ourselves early in the 21st Century and very early in the transition...

Posted April 30, 2010    

Top 10 Reasons Israel is a Cleantech Leader, from Cleantech Group

Here at we've been following the progress of cleantech in Israel for some time. There are many reasons Israel has been an innovator, including, in part, because it has to be. Now, Sustainable World Capital's Shawn Lesser...

Posted April 23, 2010    

Has the Green Movement Stalled? Green Skeptic on Fox Business

I was on Fox Business' Varney & Company this morning for Earth Day. Tyson Slocum from Public Citizen was also on the program and we had fun talking about whether the environmental movement has stalled:

Posted April 22, 2010