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Top 10 Reasons Israel is a Cleantech Leader, from Cleantech Group

Here at we've been following the progress of cleantech in Israel for some time. There are many reasons Israel has been an innovator, including, in part, because it has to be. Now, Sustainable World Capital's Shawn Lesser...

Posted April 23, 2010    

Has the Green Movement Stalled? Green Skeptic on Fox Business

I was on Fox Business' Varney & Company this morning for Earth Day. Tyson Slocum from Public Citizen was also on the program and we had fun talking about whether the environmental movement has stalled:

Posted April 22, 2010    

2nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Cleantech Investment Foru

Cleantech interest is alive and well in the Greater Philadelphia area. Over 380 people showed up at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia tonight for the 2nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Cleantech Investment Forum co-presented by BlankRome and...

Posted March 26, 2010    

"Cleantech Companies to Watch" in Philadelphia

One has an odorous solution to a growing risk... One takes brown grease and turns it into gold (well, diesel fuel)... One takes the wait out of recharging Electric Vehicles with the ease we've come to expect with EZPass at toll booths on the...

Posted March 18, 2010    

Clean Energy Trends 2010: Hope Springs Eternal

Green shoots are starting to poke up out of the ground in my yard, a sure sign that Spring is on its way. Hope springs eternal for the cleantech sector as well, according to the folks who bring us the Clean Energy Trends annual report, despite the...

Posted March 16, 2010    

Thermopower Waves: A New Discovery at MIT

Think of electrons as flotsam on a wave as it moves across the surface of the ocean. That's how scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) describe a previously unknown phenomenon, which they are calling "thermopower waves." A...

Posted March 13, 2010    

GoodCompany "Un-Panel" at GreenSpaces NY

Last week's GoodCompany Ventures event at the TriBeCa, NY, offices of Green Spaces brought together some of the top minds in early stage and patient capital investing, including Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, Jacob Gray from ...

Posted March 12, 2010    

Industry Reps at MIT Energy Conference: Give Us a Price on Carbon

The message from industry leaders attending the MIT Energy Conference this weekend is clear: "Give us a clear price on carbon." John Rowe, CEO of Exelon, has long been a proponent of cap-and-trade. He reiterated this support this morning in...

Posted March 8, 2010    

While We Consider, China Constructs

When Duke Energy and ENN Group announced their partnership to accelerate development of low-carbon and clean energy technologies at the Clinton Global Initiative last September, Duke CEO Jim Rogers explained that "We must move at 'China speed' to...

Posted March 6, 2010    

Wisdom from Wharton: Cleantech Talk

"Twenty years from now, we will look back on how we get energy the same way we look back at how we got information twenty years ago," Steve Cohen said in launching the first of two cleantech panels at last Friday's Wharton Entrepreneurship...

Posted February 23, 2010    

Global Yawning: De Boer Resigns; Should UN Get Out of Climate Biz?

The UN's top climate change official, Yvo de Boer, says he will leave his post after four years, reportedly to take a consulting position with KPMG, according the BBC News this morning. He will vacate the position at the end of June, only 5 months...

Posted February 18, 2010    

China Tops US in New Wind Installation

In the latest indicator that China will be eating our lunch on cleantech and renewable energy, the country has now taken the lead in new wind energy installed in 2009, according to the Global Wind Energy Council. China's 13,000 megawatts added...

Posted February 4, 2010