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The Carbon Cost of Coal Trains

The debate is heating up over the transport of coal from mines in Wyoming and Colorado to West Coast ports, where the coal will be shipped to Asian markets. Combining the vast appetite for coal in Asia with the vast stores of underground carbon in...

Posted November 25, 2012    

Dynamic Climate is Lesson of Ice Core Records

Made by God, immutable, perfect and constant, our world has always been the way it is now and will always be the same.  Perhaps it is a human desire for order and predictability that is at the root of such traditional beliefs.  But pesky...

Posted January 9, 2011    

High Altitude Wind Power - A Review

The first international conference on High Altitude Wind Power happened last November in Chico, CA.  That's a sign this new technology is being taken seriously by academics.  Hence, the rest of us concerned about our energy...

Posted March 5, 2010