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Brazil: Will President Dilma Veto the Future of Forests?

Online social media has been abuzz since the approval of the new Forestry Code in Brazil by the National Congress, on April 25, 2012, with 274 votes in support and 184 against [pt]. President Dilma Rousseff, who can use her presidential legal right...

Posted May 26, 2012    

Video: Surfers, Fishermen and Radiation in Post Earthquake Japan

Journalist Lisa Katayama  and filmmaker Jason Wishnow are documenting the lives of people dealing with radiation in a Post-Earthquake Japan. In We Are All Radioactive, they are including 50% footage made by themselves in the areas around...

Posted March 20, 2012    

Thailand: Flood Maps and Disaster Monitoring Tools

Last year, news reports described the flooding in Thailand as the worst that ever hit the country in many decades. But the flooding is worse this year. Most of the provinces are flooded, dams have reached their retention capacity, and the country’s...

Posted November 3, 2011    

Australia Unveils Carbon Price

Guest post by Kevin Rennie. PM Gillard launches the Clean Energy Future website Photo: Clean Energy Future Australians remain divided after Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s announcement of a Clean Energy package with a carbon price of $A 23 per tonne...

Posted July 12, 2011    

COP16: Conclusions from Young Trackers

By Andrea ArzabaYoung “trackers” from the Adopt a Negotiator Project blogged throughout the United Nations Climate Change Conference; these are some of their concluding statements and thoughts on what happened at COP16 in Cancún, Mexico. (Read the...

Posted December 21, 2010    

Brazil: Research and Advances in Renewable Energy Sources

By Danilo Gonçalves · Translated by Melissa Mann · View original post [pt]Brazil has received acclaim in recent decades as a country of clean energy, with sources like hydroelectric power and alcohol playing a major role in the country’s energy...

Posted October 13, 2010    

Nigeria: Oil Wealth Flows, Hunger Persists

By Juhie BhatiaThis post was commissioned as part of a Pulitzer Center/Global Voices Online series on Food Insecurity. These reports draw on multimedia reporting featured on the Pulitzer Gateway to Food Insecurity and bloggers discussing the issues...

Posted September 13, 2010    

The Great Floods of Singapore

By Mong PalatinoGoogle map of the flooded areasCompared to the massive flooding disasters in Pakistan and China, the series of floods in Singapore in the past month can be described as a minor catastrophe. But the last serious flooding in the garden...

Posted August 8, 2010    

Mozambique: Demise of a massive biofuels project

In late December, the Council of Ministers of Mozambique made a significant announcement. A 30,000ha land concession to biofuels firm Procana in the District of Massingir had been revoked. The Mozambican Land Law, passed in 1997, is quite unique....

Posted January 6, 2010    

China: How did Copenhagen end up our fault?

TEC editor's note: this post is written by John Kennedy, who blogs for Global Voices Online (Solana Larsen signed up here first.)  The translations of the Chinese are in italics, which the TEC editor added after checking with the original post...

Posted December 26, 2009    

India: Gains From Copenhagen

The Acorn analyzes what India has achieved from the Copenhagen summit. The blogger opines that the “real gains were geopolitical—neither the United States nor China could have their way without India’s support”.

Posted December 23, 2009