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Hurricane Sandy Is Ushering in a Smarter Power System

Written with Craig LewisIt’s ironic that a storm whose widespread blackouts left millions of Americans in the dark is finally helping us see the light.Hurricane Sandy brought devastation and loss to the Eastern seaboard. The storm exposed the severe...

Posted July 31, 2014    

Three 'Next Steps' for California Climate Action

California enacted its Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32) in 2006.Since then, an entire network of interacting, mutually-reinforcing legislation has evolved in the state, historic in how the different measures support one another. A solar roof...

Posted April 7, 2014    

Why You Don't Need Fossil Fuel to Fight Poverty. (Clean Energy Does it Better!)

Last year President Obama launched Power Africa, an initiative to double access to power in sub-Saharan Africa, where more than two-thirds of the population is without electricity.  In a parallel move, the House Foreign Affairs Committee...

Posted February 26, 2014    

When Seeking the City Solution on Climate, Don't Forget the Suburbs

Our cities have the potential to be a key climate change solution. Already they are hot-beds of innovation in local and global approaches to the nexus of sustainability and quality of life.  People who live in cities drive less, use less energy...

Posted January 13, 2014    

Good Electricity Grids Make Good Neighbors

In the poem “Mending Wall,” Robert Frost asserted that “good fences make good neighbors.”  World history is replete with foreign policy built around physical walls, from Emperor Hadrian, to the Great Wall of China, to the Berlin Wall, the wall...

Posted November 22, 2013    

What Does an 'Energy Transition' Look Like?

Everyone who works on energy futures – myself included – spends a great deal of time envisioning and then evaluating the scientific, technical, policy, and behavioral factors needed to initiate and sustain these shifts.We recently completed a study...

Posted September 26, 2013