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Map of Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Sales Across the US

NPR is doing a series looking at automakers’ push to meet the new CAFE standards. Included is this map of hybrid/electric vehicle sales across the US by market:,npr.hybrid-sales/mm/zoompan,tooltips,...

Posted November 23, 2011    

Fuel Efficiency in the US

A nice graphic comparing various passenger cars and alternative fuels. Two quibbles: - I don’t think the NASA crawler (used to transport the Space Shuttle) qualifies as a passenger car. - Why not include natural gas vehicles?

Posted October 28, 2011    

Predicting the Electric Vehicle Adoption Curve

Guest post by By Craig Shields, Editor, As I told the audience in my recent presentation at the Electric Vehicle Summit, I actually see this subject as one of very few bright spots happening in the world today. In particular, it...

Posted August 8, 2011    

Savoring the Irony

I recently bought an e-Bike (Currie Technologies iZIP Hybrid Via Mezza- pictured), mainly for trips to the grocery store. There are some serious hills between me and the grocery store, and I’m not up to tackling them with a full load of groceries....

Posted July 20, 2011    

Do We Really Need A Quick Charging Infrastructure For EVs?

A post at New Energy View on Electric Vehicle (EV) economics and charging stations got me thinking about public charging stations and range anxiety again. I think public rapid charging stations are a waste of time. Like New Energy View, I think...

Posted May 10, 2011    

Outdoor Advertising and LEDs: Jevons’ Paradox or Not?

I’ve blogged before about when Jevons’ Paradox applies, and when it does not. When energy consumers are price sensitive, they may respond to increasing efficiency by using more energy services. When they are not price-sensitive, they don’t. But...

Posted May 2, 2011    

New Light Rail Stations May Not Increase Transit Ridership

A report (pdf) by the Kitty and Michael Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University found that new rail stations and transit-oriented development often fail to increase transit ridership. New stations can sometimes lead...

Posted October 24, 2010    

Other Objections to PACE Programs

Micheal Giberson over at Knowledge Problem bounced off my article on why PACE financing would be unlikely to damage the mortgage market to mention several of his own worries about how such programs are implemented. He and I are in agreement that...

Posted July 7, 2010    

Energy Internal Rate of Return (EIRR) Numbers from a Literature Review

Jamie Bull at oCo Carbon Blog has conducted a literature review of Energy Return on Investment (EROI) for electricity generation technologies. He also calculated Energy Internal Rate of Return (EIRR), a concept I promoted here and here to...

Posted May 21, 2010    

Shale Gas: Not Clean, Either?

Not only are there serious questions about just how abundant natural gas from shale plays is, it now turns out that this “Cheap, Clean, Abundant, and Domestic” resource may turn out to only be domestic. In a draft paper, Cornell researcher Robert...

Posted April 6, 2010    

Community Solar Gardens

A new bill being considered in the Colorado legislature would create "Solar Gardens." Solar Gardens allow people to participate financially in owning part of a solar array even if they do not have a suitable site on their own property. My reading of...

Posted March 8, 2010    

Delta Montrose Electric Association Leaves Colorado Rural Electric Association

The Delta Montrose Rural Electric Association (DMEA) has long been the most progressive utility (Let alone electric coop) in Colorado. I wrote about their forward thinking promotion of geoexchange / ground source heat pumps in 2007, long before...

Posted January 29, 2010