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Private and External Cost of Electricity Generation

Private and External Cost of Electricity Generation

Posted January 1, 2013    

How Much Are You Willing to Pay For A Cleaner Future?

"In a completely liberalised market, there would never be any chance for a new [electricity-producing] technology because the risks are too high.” —Rainer Kistner, director of Andasol [operating world’s largest solar power plant] - The Independent...

Posted January 3, 2012    

No Coal, No Oil, No Nuclear. No Biomass?

This is [large-scale, industrial use of natural forests for energy] turning to ash sustainable job opportunities, threatening the greening of the forest sector and the value added product trend that has been emerging in recent years. And what is...

Posted November 9, 2011    

IEA Calls On Greece To Reform Electricity, Gas Markets

What will happen with Greece’s (EU’s) plan of 20/20/20 with the current development of the nations’ finance? Are solar investments still feasible, when country is in such debt and the investments heavily dependent on the feed-in tariffs? Greece...

Posted October 28, 2011    

Germany Not Going Solar?

Wait, what? Didn’t Germany just decide to go nuclear-free by 2020 and missing production will be filled in with “clean” energy sources? Yes! Correct, and now Ms Merkel is thinking of additionally (already did cut) cutting feed-in tariffs for solar,...

Posted October 6, 2011    

OECD & IEA: Reforming Fossil-Fuel Subsidies Will Improve The Economy

In the “about-to-be-published” (Novemeber 9) World Energy Outlook, emphasizes the importance of reforming the fossil-fuel subsidies. Their claim is that Removing inefficient subsidies would raise national revenues and reduce greenhouse-gas...

Posted October 4, 2011