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Recent Expert Reports: Diverse Zero Carbon Options Needed to Manage Climate

As we enter Climate Week, it’s a useful moment to review some recent expert reports suggesting the need for a broad suite of zero carbon energy technologies to manage climate change. In particular, these reports highlight the potentially critical...

Posted September 23, 2014    

Coal, Renewables, and China: Headlines and Bottom Lines

The new year brought some deserved celebration of the advance of renewable energy in China, as the government announced nearly 8 Gigawatts of wind power additions and 3.6 Gigawatts of new solar installed during 2013.  But as I’ve...

Posted January 27, 2014    

Peak Coal in China, or Long and High Plateau?

China coal power is one of the world’s largest single contributors to carbon dioxide emissions, which will likely need to be reduced to near-zero levels over the next few decades to manage climate change. So when two reports came out in...

Posted October 9, 2013