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Finite Resources and Infinite Growth

Globe and Mail featured a column by Gary Mason on a world without oil.  ”If you believe that the economy is structured in such a way that it needs to grow continually in order to survive,” it states, “then it will take an endless supply of...

Posted February 4, 2014    

Can We Dismiss This 'Economists Only Care About GDP' Crap, Once and For All?

Recently, the Pembina Institute and Equiterre released a report entitled Booms, busts, and bitumen: The economic implications of Canadian oil sands development.   The report opens with a foreword from University of Ottawa economics...

Posted November 20, 2013    

Extraction Vs. Upgrading

The NDP put forth a motion in the House last week which states that, “the Keystone XL pipeline would intensify the export of unprocessed raw bitumen and would export more than 40,000 well-paying Canadian jobs, and is therefore not in...

Posted November 12, 2013    

Carbon Pricing No Panacea

Pretty well every economist you talk to will agree; if you want to reduce pollution, carbon or otherwise, the most cost-effective way to do so is with a price on the emissions of that which you seek to reduce. They’ll also tell you that,...

Posted October 16, 2013