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Energy in 2012: Our Most Popular Posts

Con Ed substation explosion during Superstorm Sandyby Rod AdamsWhen a ConEd substation in Manhattan's East Village exploded, 230,000 to 250,000 residents in parts of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn lost power for days and weeks on end. Great post, and...

Posted January 8, 2013    

Is the Southeast America’s best bet for offshore wind?

As Windpower 2012 is winding down, I sat in on one of the last sessions, which discussed challenges and opportunities facing offshore wind energy across the globe. As it turns out, one of the most interesting markets for wind developers is going to...

Posted June 8, 2012    

Brasil's Booming Wind Power Sector [Interview]

At Windpower 2012 I had the chance to quickly catch up with Lauro Fiuza, President of the Brasilian Wind Energy Association and CEO of ABE Eolica. He had previously participated in a panel on international wind energy markets, which outlined global...

Posted June 5, 2012    

With further PTC uncertainty, where is the wind industry going in 2013?

At Windpower 2012, the annual conference of the American Wind Energy Association, the industry's major challenge is apparent everywhere: from the General Session, to the sidehalls, to the breakout sessions. The wind power industry, despite...

Posted June 4, 2012    

With Jaczko out, is Magwood in?

Gregory Jaczko, the current chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, resigned this morning, ending the Republican-led witch-hunt against him in Congress. This also marks the end to a tumultuous couple of months for both the NRC and it’s...

Posted May 21, 2012    

Pitching Cleantech: Are startup competitions a good idea for energy entrepreneurs?

Last week I had the chance to attend Future Energy: An Investor Feedback Forum, hosted by Ultra Light Startups at the Stern School of Business here in New York.  The basic premise: ten cleantech entrepreneurs from across the country are given...

Posted April 17, 2012