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UK vs Europe – The Energy Showdown

Given all the discussion in the media with regards to energy prices in the UK.  SO where do our European neighbours come in terms of expense?  Well, someone has kindly put together an infographic detailing just that; it shows where the UK...

Posted November 26, 2012    

Has Russia turned off the tap on Europe?

A worrying trend is occurring as wholesale energy prices are on the rise again. In fact this time the wholesale prices for gas and electricity have reached a 6 year high. The London stock market has shown an increase of 28% taking it up to $520 per...

Posted February 16, 2012    

Scottish Marine Energy Developments

Scotland’s ambitious green energy drive was given a boost this week as the wave energy development firm Aquamarine Power unveiled their latest cutting edge hydro electric wave energy technology. Dubbed the Oyster 800, the device is capable of...

Posted May 19, 2011