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Naomi Klein Undervalues the Potential of the EU's Cap-and-Trade Plan to Curb CO2

Naomi Klein's book "This changes everything" is the only bestseller to have discussed EU's cap and trade system at such length. Klein is critical of cap-and-trade and goes as far as to say that it is a waste of time. The problem is that she omits...

Posted April 9, 2015    

Taking Stock of the EU's Proposed 2030 Climate Target

The EU Commission last week published a white paper that describes its thinking on what type of climate and energy targets the EU should adopt for 2030. This was only the first milestone on the road to the adoption of such targets and it will likely...

Posted January 29, 2014    

Commission Proposes a Market Stability Reserve for Europe's Carbon Market

The European Commission has just proposed a major reform of the European carbon market. It released this week a proposal for a non-discretionary mechanism that would reduce the amount of pollution allowances available to emitters in cases of...

Posted January 23, 2014