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Smart Building Technologies Can Tackle SOTU Challenges

In the State of the Union address President Obama made three specific comments on climate and energy that signify real opportunity for innovation in the approach to some of our biggest economic challenges.  Energy efficiency, and more specific...

Posted February 15, 2013    

Deloitte’s reSources Findings = Implications for Smart Buildings

Deloitte recently announced the publication of their second annual reSource study. The project explores perceptions, opportunities, and challenges around energy management of both businesses and consumers. From IDC Energy Insights' perspective,...

Posted August 1, 2012    

Three Lessons Learned on the Future of Smart Buildings from IBCON

Last week I attended Realcomm’s first IBCON in Las Vegas. This gathering of real estate professionals, information technology and building efficiency vendors represented major stakeholders in the Smart Buildings market. The presentations and...

Posted June 20, 2012