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Two More Lows for Arctic Sea Ice

The loss of Arctic sea ice is progressing more rapidly and clearly than just about any other indicator of global climate change. As I’ve discussed previously, the minimum summer sea ice extent (i.e. the two-dimensional area of the floating ice cap)...

Posted August 28, 2012    

Senate gets back to climate science

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee holds a hearing tomorrow called “Update on the Latest Climate Change Science and Local Adaptation Measures.” This is the first Senate hearing focused directly on climate science in the 112th Congress...

Posted August 1, 2012    

Climate Change, Extreme Weather Linked At Last

The Pew Center is teaming up with Scientific American to explain the link between climate change and extreme weather. In a new three-part series featured on Scientific, award-winning science journalist John Carey dissects the science...

Posted July 1, 2011