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Peer-to-Peer Energy Benchmarking, Elevators, Revolving Doors and Merry-Go-Rounds

By Adam NestlerEver wonder how WegoWise came up with its peer-to-peer energy benchmarks? Well, it’s your lucky day. Today we’ll give you the basics and some interesting background info too.By asking our users a few simple questions about their...

Posted December 7, 2014    

From Artisanal to Integrated: How Data Is Remaking the Efficiency Industry

By Andrew ChenThe past few years have seen an abundance of software innovations designed to enhance the efficiency of the built environment. Taking advantage of inexpensive computing power and storage, these platforms are leveraging the torrent of...

Posted October 20, 2014    

Quick Comparisons of Building Ordinance Policies

by Jackson MorrowHere at WegoWise, we take utility benchmarking very seriously. So it makes us happy to see that city governments have recently been catching on to the importance of energy benchmarking, with new policies being implemented all...

Posted August 23, 2014    

New Apps that Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

by Nicholas BucoThere seems to be an app for everything nowadays. Even with over 350,000 apps in the Apple App Store, it can be hard to find one that will actually add value to your life. Luckily, there's good news for anyone looking to reduce...

Posted July 17, 2014    

Making Intelligent Efficiency a Core Driver of the Real Estate Market

by Andrew ChenThe building efficiency field has never been as promising and full of opportunities as it is today.The proliferation of energy disclosure laws and rating systems has brought greater understanding of the potential savings embedded in...

Posted June 10, 2014    

Libraries Need to 'Read Up' on Energy Efficiency

by Kelly SmithHere at WegoWise, we have the privilege of spending a LOT of time in energy data. Beyond the 20,000 multifamily buildings in our database, we have spent much of the last year adding non-residential buildings like offices,...

Posted May 23, 2014