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Decoupling and Demand Side Management in Colorado

Utility revenue decoupling is often seen as an enabling policy supporting “demand side management” (DSM) programs.  DSM is a catch-all term for the things you can do behind the meter that reduce the amount of energy (kWh) a utility needs to...

Posted January 30, 2015    

Decoupling and Distributed Energy

One of the main reasons utilities fight distributed generation like rooftop solar is that it erodes demand for their centrally generated electricity. Reduced demand is annoying for any business, but it’s especially bad for traditional monopoly...

Posted December 16, 2014    

Utilities Decoupling to Cover Their Assets

Last month, Xcel Energy subsidiary Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo) filed a rate case at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (Docket: 14AL-0660E).  A lot of the case — the part that’s gotten most of the press — is about PSCo...

Posted August 2, 2014    

Facing the Risk in Fossil Fueled Electricity

I recently wrote about how our risk tolerance/aversion powerfully affects our estimation of the social cost of carbon, but obviously that’s not the only place that risk shows up in our energy systems.  Fossil fuel based electricity is also...

Posted June 20, 2014    

Geology and Markets, not EPA, Waging War on Coal

This post written in collaboration with Leslie Glustrom, founder and former Director of Research and Policy at CEA. With the release of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rules limiting carbon pollution from the nation’s electricity...

Posted June 10, 2014    

The Myth of Price

Our society’s prevailing economic zeitgeist assumes that everything has a price, and that both costs and prices can be objectively calculated, or at least agreed upon by parties involved in the transaction.  There are some big problems...

Posted May 22, 2014