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Japan & EU Betting on CSP

Seeing the interest generated in response to my article on the potential CSP applications  promise in meeting some of our growing world energy demands, I'd like to cover more on this high profile energy technology. Gaining insights on the...

Posted June 15, 2011    

Fukushima Comparable to Chernobyl [Robert Alvarez]

Democracy Now's June 10th airing of an interview with Robert Alvarez from the Institute for Policy Studies and Aileen Mioko Smith ED of Green Action, provides excellent dialogue on the nuclear consequences from Fukushima, with specifics on ocean and...

Posted June 12, 2011    

CSP - The Solar Alternative That Rivals Nuclear

Alternatives to nuclear energy, no doubt something on a lot of minds, provides interesting answers today. Creative applications in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) specifically are providing energy solutions that accomplish what nuclear does -...

Posted June 10, 2011    

Japan Nuclear Concerns Update & Energy Ethics from Germany

TEPCO has detected radiation of up to 4,000 millisieverts per hour in the air at the building housing reactor unit 1 at the Fukushima nuclear facility. Readings were collected from a robot sent into reactor unit 1 on June 3rd. Heavy steam has also...

Posted June 5, 2011    

TEPCO New Report & Fukushima Update

"Most of the fuel rods melted and damage to the core is most severe in the No.1 reactor, followed by the No. 3 and then No. 2," Tepco spokesman Junichi Matsumaoto said in Tokyo May 24“Tepco knows more than they’ve said about the amount of radiation...

Posted May 27, 2011    

Solar Developments That Are Changing The Industry

Contributing Author: Kriss Bergethon owner of Solar SphereSolar power was discovered over 170 years ago, but it didn’t become a viable technology until the 1950s. The high cost of producing solar cells meant that the concept remained in limited use...

Posted May 25, 2011    

[PDF]: Challenges for Japan's Recovery

The Japanese Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry's (METI) Embassy in Brussels has released a 43 page report today providing an overview of the Tsunami/Earthquake, Rescue Efforts and Foreign Assistance and challenges of their affected Nuclear...

Posted May 24, 2011    

International Safety Inspection in Cooperation with Japan begins at Fukushima-Daiichi May 24th

The UN’s delegation of close to 20 nuclear experts from the IAEA and international community will start their fact finding mission in Japan this week. Their mandate: to make a preliminary assessment of safety issues linked to the accident at...

Posted May 23, 2011    

Life On The Ground at Fukushima-Daiichi

In reading some feedback to my posts at the Energy Collective regarding the analysis of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima there have been concerns voices not only in response to my posts, but in general to the accuracy of information provided on...

Posted May 20, 2011    

Arnie Gundersen: Fukushima Update

Arnie Gundersen has provided us with some sound analysis of the critical issues at Fukushima. Arnie is an Energy Advisor with 39-years experience in Nuclear Engineering. He was a nuclear industry senior vice president and earned his Bachelor's and...

Posted May 18, 2011    

VIDEO: Helen Caldicott Explains Fukushima Threat

Finding someone with the insight and knowledge and as important, with the guts, to state what’s really happening as a result of the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, has unfortunately become an equally disastrous media event. The lack of...

Posted May 1, 2011    

Ryan Hallett - From Solar Calculators to Renewable Energy Careers

When I was a kid, solar panels powered calculators, and that was about it. Renewable energy was a hobby, not a career path, let alone an industry. There was the odd off-grid system, but besides these, a few calculators, and some aerospace...

Posted December 16, 2010