Part of what we are trying to achieve here at The Energy Collective is to create a new conversation about energy and resources, distinct from the kinds of dogmatic, or stuck-in-position, dialogues that have shaped much of the past.  Toward that end we have opened our blogging platform to anyone who believes in scientific evidence, acknowledges that climate change is real, and is willing to proffer opinion.  (We especially favor those among us who are also active on the site.)  But we are constantly on the lookout for fresh voices, and we’ve been helped in this effort by our Board of Bloggers.  
Jesse Jenkins, aka Watthead, has recommended our newest blogger, Alex Tinker, who is one of the founding members of Focus the Nation, organized in 2008 and which included town hall meetings with 64 members of Congress, 15 Governors and countless local and state politicians. Before coming to Focus the Nation in 2007, Alex was a field manager for Working America/AFL-CIO where he worked on the Healthy Kids and Employee Free Choice Act campaigns. His career as an activist dates back to canvassing against anti-gay Ballot Measure Nine in 1992 and he has been involved in peace and social justice work with the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) since childhood. His interest in climate organizing comes from a recognition that solving the climate-energy crisis is not only the burden of his generation, but also its greatest opportunity. Most recently, he organized a citizen advocacy day for Climate Ride 2008, coordinating constituent visits with more than 50 Congressional offices on Capitol Hill, and helped with the training of thousands of student-lobbyists as a part of Power Shift 2009. In his spare time, Alex works with Friends of Trees leading volunteer crews to restore Portland's urban canopy. Alex holds a B.S. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Oregon.
You go, Alex.  Community organization is “in” again.  And welcome to The Energy Collective.