Utility companies that operate both coal and nuclear power plants rarely use the important communications techniques of comparison and contrast to help people understand the benefits of nuclear energy. There is some business logic behind that policy. I have a different set of interests and am not constrained by a need to protect any particular capital investments or decision making process.

This clip, generously made available to the world at the Energy Site Visits page on Switch – To a Smarter Energy Future provides the first part of the comparison – a visual representation of the daily fuel deliveries to a single large coal installation.

The same page provides an inside look at a slightly smaller output nuclear plant.

Ideally, I would like the second clip to be from a site like Palo Verde, which includes three nuclear units that have a combined output that is slightly greater than the Parrish coal unit featured above. For now, I will make do with a picture that does a reasonable job of illustrating the contrast.

Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station

Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station

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