Today see’s the release of yet another important and much needed set of up-to-date data and truth on PV and falling energy demand in Australia.

The REC Agents Association commissioned Green Energy Markets to produce an analysis and update on what’s been going on in our electricity market and the roles of PV and Energy Efficiency schemes in reducing demand for coal fired power in Australia.

The “Impact of market based measures on NEM power consumption” is a must read if you want the facts.

Based on data released from the Australian Energy Market Operator on demand, it provides a much needed sense of clarity about the positive role that PV and a range of Energy Efficiency programs have been having on the Australian energy market.

Arguably, it also explains just why we are seeing such a proliferation of the facts being distorted in the media; solar and energy efficiency are starting to threaten the coal industry’s strangle hold on energy supply.

Compared to 2007 when demand peaked at 207,386 GWH for the year, the expectation is that net demand will be 6.6% lower in 2015;  a material difference.

The upshot from this report is that PV and Energy Efficiency reduced the demand for electricity by 1.7% in 2011 and if the (conservative) estimates for uptake continue, this will rise to a 5.2% reduction in net demand by 2015.

PV plays a key role in this mix, representing the single largest factor in the reductions in demand at 34% , or 1180GWH in 2011 and is expected to rise to 3460GWH by 2015.

I’m delighted to see that Melbourne’s the Age newspaper picked this story up this morning and congratulate the RAA and Green Energy Markets on this important and factual piece of work.

Image Credit: jaddingt/Shutterstock