The Spanish Island of Hierro may well become energy self sufficient over the next few years. In this video Gonzalo Piernovieja, Research and Development Director at the Canarias Technology Institute talks about the renewable energy project which in a few years time could generate 80% of the Island’s electricity requirements.

Construction of the components of a combined wind energy and hydro project has started. A wind energy project comprising 5 turbines is proposed to be installed providing electricity for the islanders when it is windy with the excess being used to pump water from a lower reservoir to a higher reservoir of a hydro-electric scheme. When it is not windy, they can use the height of the waterfall to generate electricity.

The president of the island Tomas Padron, former employee of the electric utility on the island said “It just so happened that I was the president and I worked at the energy company on the island. A department for researching alternative energy was set up, however the people were not supportive as they did not believe. We convinced the people by passing on the message, providing data and telling them this was a reality“.

The island as a whole is expected to serve as an experiment, not only for the energy combination proposed but for other related energy issues too.