Insurance comparison websites have been around for a while and have helped consumers choose the cheapest and / or most suitable product for them without phoning a huge number of suppliers.

A similar website service for household and business energy now helps people compare energy prices and features allowing them to decide which is the most appropriate service or product for them.

Establishing which is the cheapest, greenest or most suitable energy provider has always been tricky – particularly given the frequent rate of price change and the difficulty for example in establishing precisely how green an energy supplier is. The website uSwitch allows people to compare energy prices by entering their postcode and answering a few questions about their energy use. The website does not take an email address so it cannot spam you.

uSwitch uses data provided directly by suppliers. The prices are continuously monitored so they are up to date. The results table sets out more information than price. There is a ‘Green and Environmental Electricity’ column which tells you the environmental credentials of the product whilst at the same time allowing you to compare the product prices. The environmental policies or actions are set out in the table e.g. “all the electricity comes from the company’s own wind turbines“. There is also a customer rating column and consumer reviews which helps particularly when considering a less well know energy provider.

uSwitch have deals in place with some of the suppliers and get a commission if you sign up to a new supplier via their website. All of the information that goes into the website is based on up to date information though and they say the commercial relationships have no impact on the ranking on the results table.