Dear Energy Collective Readers,

 Just thought you might like to know why you haven't seen anything from me in the past two weeks.  I am both regretful and happy to report that I won't be able to write for The Energy Collective anymore (or for The American Spectator or The Infrastructuralist or Platts or any of the other blogs I was keeping up). 

 I have been hired by Senator Lamar Alexander as a speechwriter.  His staff saw some of the material on this page, he read my book and decided to put me to work on the big initiative he is putting together on nuclear power.  Many Republicans have now seen the light.  They are no longer resisting global warming legislation but are promoting nuclear power as an obvious solution to the problem.  Senator Alexander is trying to pull together the Republican minority and form a consensus.  (There are also many Democrats who favor nuclear but they tend to be very quiet about it.)

 It's a tough trade-off.  I can't write for publications anymore.  I can't get honoraria for speaking engagements. (I was starting to collect some for the first time in my life!)  I have to spent two or three days a week in Washington.  But I think it's worth it.  The effort to put nuclear into the mix on the various energy bills is gaining traction.  And I think we're doing the right thing.  So it's gratifying to be a part of it.

 I will continue to read The Energy Collective faithfully and am recommending it to all my fellow staff members.  Best of luck and hope we'll get together again somewhere down the road.

 Yours truly,

 Bill Tucker