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Power Outages and Our Vulnerable Grid:
Can Distributed Energy Resources Deliver Grid Reliability?

ImageThe massive power outages that shocked India at the beginning of August and the recent power disruptions that left 3 million people in the mid-Atlantic U.S. sweltering during a heat wave are just the latest in a pattern of outages caused by weather or other events. These outages highlight one of the greatest weaknesses in today’s power grid - its reliance on wires to deliver electricity from remote generation sources to consumers. However, even limited solutions like putting all overhead lines underground are prohibitively expensive. Abroad, many regions simply suffer from short energy supply generated at a few locations.

Distributed energy resources, including microgeneration, microgrid, and energy storage solutions, may offer resiliency strategies that cost-effectively address overall grid reliability, according to some experts. Join us as we discuss the possibilities of distributed energy resources such as microgrids and the regulatory and economic challenges to their widespread adoption. We examined this critical evolution that may shape the future of the power grid:

  • How would distributed energy interact with various utilities, including investor-owned, public power, and rural coopertives?
  • What are the regulatory inhibitors to widespread adoption?
  • What can we learn from other regions of the world as they deploy microgrids and other distributed solutions?


ImageLarisa Dobriansky
SVP of Regulatory, Legal and Energy Policy, General Microgrids

ImageVic Romero
Director of Asset Management & Smart Grid, San Diego Gas & Electric

ImageChristine Hertzog
Managing Director, Smart Grid Library

ImageJesse Jenkins
Freelance Writer & Blogger, Energy Expert, Graduate Student and Researcher at MIT.