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Top Washington D.C. Clean Energy Policy Stories from 2013

December 23, 2013 by Matthew Stepp

Top Clean Energy Policy Stories

U.S. clean energy policy was as caught up in Washington gridlock as most other issue areas in 2013. No climate-saving clean tech bill passed through Congress and even modest, bi-partisan energy efficiency legislation failed to get to the President’s desk.[read more]

Forest Bioenergy Industry Threatens Our Most Biologically Diverse Natural Forests

December 18, 2013 by NRDC Switchboard

Forest Bioenergy and Habitats

A new report commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation and Southern Environmental Law Center finds that exploding demand for wood as fuel in large power plants, driven by government incentives both here and in Europe, threatens some of the most biologically diverse forests in the world.[read more]


Renewables and Natural Gas are Partners, Part II: Proof of Concept

December 9, 2013 by Edward Dodge

Renewables and Natural Gas Partnership?

In Germany a test has been successfully conducted of a 100% renewable energy power plant to provide round the clock electric power. The Kombikraftwerk 2 is a “Combined Renewable Energy Power Plant” that links together geographically dispersed assets into a virtual power plant.[read more]

EPA’s RFS Proposal is a Step Backwards on Clean Energy Path

December 5, 2013 by Leticia Phillips

EPA Regulation

Since the beginning of the RFS program, the EPA had been a strong supporter of the role Brazilian sugarcane ethanol plays supplying Americans with sustainable fuel. That's why it came as a shock that the EPA has proposed to drastically reduce the volumes of advanced fuels for the 2014 RFS.[read more]

EU Energy Briefing: State Intervention, Internal Market, ILUC & Presidency Agenda [VIDEO]

November 28, 2013 by Kasper Peters

European Energy Briefing

In this latest issue of the Brussels Briefing on Energy Hughes Belin, leading energy journalist for viEUws - the EU Policy Broadcaster, provides an overview of recent developments regarding the European Union’s energy policy:[read more]

Putting Renewable Fuels Back on Track

November 20, 2013 by NRDC Switchboard

There are a lot of folks who want to tell a simple, black and white story about biofuels and the Renewable Fuels Standard. The RFS either needs to be dashed on the rocks or anchored in a safe harbor never to be touched. The truth is not that simple.[read more]

EPA's Ethanol Adjustment Falls Short of Reform

November 20, 2013 by Geoffrey Styles

The EPA has proposed significant adjustments to the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard. The headline change was a nearly 3 billion gallon reduction in the required biofuel volume for next year. However, less than half of that reduction was truly discretionary.[read more]

US Proposes First Reduction in Ethanol Mandate

November 19, 2013 by Marianne Lavelle

Ehtanol Reduction

For the first time in the history of its program to promote biofuel as a replacement for petroleum-based fuels, the U.S. government proposed Friday to reduce the amount of ethanol that is required to be added to the nation’s gasoline supply.[read more]


The Case for ARPA-E: The Government's Role in Bridging the Valley of Death

November 11, 2013 by Clean Energy Leadership Institute

ARPA-E and Government Investment


This year Congress has sought to slash the budget of the Advanced Research Projects Agency, with Congress proposing cuts of over 80%. ARPA-E has embarked on several rounds of successful funding for breakthrough clean energy tech, helping companies bridge market barriers.[read more]

Infographic: Energy Harvesting in the Future Smart City

October 26, 2013 by Tom Schueneman

Smart Energy Harvesting


With the technology of cities in the future, we will be able to harvest energy from resources we haven't even thought of, including things as basic as the movement of people from one place to another, as this infographic demonstrates.[read more]

Future Energy Fellows post

Europe's Innovation in Advanced Biofuels: Following an Overambitious US Example?

October 17, 2013 by Nelson Mojarro

Via Shuttorstock

Europe is primed for an expansion in biofuel production and consumption, but governments may not be doing enough to encourage innovation and built up to scale. Can they look to the US for an example of what to do (or perhaps what not to do) as they take their next steps?[read more]

The US Corn-to-Ethanol Program

October 15, 2013 by Willem Post

The subsidy-laden corn-to-ethanol program, beneficial to farmers and their suppliers, ethanol plant builders and owners, and politicians, appears to degenerate into a multi-billion net loss for the rest of society, and to inflict a net harm to the environment.[read more]

Arizona Takes Its Algae Biofuel Show On The Road

October 13, 2013 by Tina Casey

Arizona and Biofuels

Arizona is already staking out a leadership position in solar power, and now it’s looking to take the algae biofuel field by storm with a new $8 million Energy Department grant to the University of Arizona. The funding will enable UA to fine tune its proprietary algae farming system.[read more]

Biofuels: Uncertainty, Not ILUC, is Holding Back Biofuels in Europe [VIDEO]

October 9, 2013 by Kasper Peters

Biofuels in Europe

In this latest story for viEUws - the European Union Policy Broadcaster, leading environment journalist Sonja van Renssen looks into the Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) policy proposal and its effects on biofuels production in Europe.[read more]

Loads of Good, Clean Biogasoline From a Dirty Little Bug

October 1, 2013 by Tina Casey

Biogas and a Bug

A team of scientists at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has been tweaking the metabolic pathway of the notorious bacteria Escherichia coli to make it squeeze out gasoline. If you’re thinking that’s been done before, well, not exactly.[read more]