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Yes, as opposed to Drill, Drill, Drill!!
September 23, 2008    View Comment    

On A Political Earthquake: Pelosi's Democratic House Passes Pro-Drilling Bill

Yes, Geoff, the extension is welcome and long overdue. 


September 18, 2008    View Comment    

On Offsetting for good


My only problem with the "personal virtue" strategy is that I think for many people that replaces collective action....thoughts?

September 12, 2008    View Comment    

On When Is Cheaper Oil Bad?

"since their output doesn't compete with oil, and their funding doesn't derive from it--yet."  Geoff, what do lower gas prices do for the move to plug-in hybrids?  Same effect, or lack of, as overall efficient vehicles?  Agreed, it's preferable that prices remain high for the climate benefits, especially since the Congress has not demonstrated the will to enact higher taxes or a cap and trade system.  But do you think Pickens' arguments about transfer of wealth might have some impact on the next Congress?
September 9, 2008    View Comment    

On Pickens in a pickle: He embraces progressive policies but not progressive politicians.

It's a huge contradiction about Pickens and, of course, has not been sufficiently developed by the all the media coverage his plan has received.  Thanks for pinning him on this one, Joe. 
August 29, 2008    View Comment    

On Barack Ombama's Nuclear Energy Policy

Dan,  Yes, my ears stood to attention as well during Obama's speech.  Overall, however, I was more impressed with the breadth and specificity in his discussion of energy policy.
August 29, 2008    View Comment    


Mark, we're all psyched about this and hope all our members will join us on this call.  What's amazing to us at The Energy Collective is the degree to which energy and environmental concerns have increased in voters' importance since the beginning of this endless campaign season.  Because of the inter-active nature of this forum, it's a chance for all of us to voice these concerns to the people who will be shaping policy.
August 21, 2008    View Comment    



Sounds like you've got Potomac Fever.  Blame the Founders for putting the political capital in a separate city. 

August 11, 2008    View Comment    

On Efficiency Will Have the Last Laugh

Am I the only one in this conversation indelicate enough to point out the obvious phallic qualities of this particular symbol?
August 6, 2008    View Comment    


Good point and yes, Shel, I'm agreed that the damage -- and certainly the dubious ethics and legality -- around using the corporate logo without permission (good catch by the way on it being the gas station logo) was considerable.  BUT as a number of bloggers have pointed out, this does show the need for any big company to have its own twitter "strategy" and to go where the buzz is now.  Setting up a fake twitter account, as the Exxon spokesman pointed out, is not transparency.   But to have an in-house but candid voice for the company could, potentially, do it a world of good. 
August 3, 2008    View Comment    


More comment from leading blogger, Marshall Kirkpatrick:
August 2, 2008    View Comment    

On Petro Profits

Geoff, energy security is certainly a goal but climate security, no longer  theoretical, is real threat as well and also needs to be addressed.  De-carbonization needs to be pursued just as "vigorously."
August 1, 2008    View Comment