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It's About Time for a New Conversation About Energy Innovation

There's a new conversation happening around energy and it's about time. Readers of The Green Skeptic know I am very interested in the question of how we can use good, old-fashioned American ingenuity to build an economy based on energy innovation,...

Posted December 16, 2010    

EPA Delays Enforcement of CO2 Emissions Regulations: The Green Skeptic on FOX Business

This morning I sat down with Stuart Varney & Co on FOX Business to talk about the EPA's decision to delay enforcement of CO2 emissions.  Here's the video: Watch the latest video at If the player doesn't work in your...

Posted December 10, 2010    

Climate Change Groups Need to Rethink Their Approach

Yesterday morning I awoke to NPR Weekend Edition Sunday's report on how climate groups are retooling their arguments for global warming. It was music to my ears. (And, yes, once you get over the shock that I've been a loyal NPR listener for 20+...

Posted December 6, 2010    

The Green Skeptic’s "Rational Approach to Cleantech" on Competitive Futures PodCast

I sat down yesterday with Eric Garland to explain my opinions on cleantech, green, and more. Here's what Eric had to say on Competitive Futures: "With a philosophy straight from the European Enlightenment and with credentials from the heart of...

Posted November 30, 2010    

Cancun in November? To Dive, but not to COP

View from Club Akumal, MexicoSure I'd love to be in Cancun this week, as the chill winds of November blow into December. But I'd go for the diving rather than the hot air of another conference of the parties on climate change. I just don't think...

Posted November 29, 2010    

Gore Now Says Corn Ethanol "Was Not a Good Policy"

  Traded Corn for Votes?Despite being a proponent of corn ethanol policy in the past, former vice-president Al Gore now says corn-based ethanol in the United States was "not a good policy." His comments, made at a green energy business...

Posted November 23, 2010    

GOP Bob Inglis Goes 'On-the-Record' About Climate Change

Whatever you think about Bob Inglis (R-South Carolina), you've got to hand it to him for going out "on-the-record" on climate change and calling out his peeps for missing the commercial opportunity. Here's a clip of his remarks via ThinkProgress...

Posted November 19, 2010    

End of Carbon Credit Market? The Green Skeptic on FOX Business

I spoke this morning with Stuart Varney on FOX Business about the end of the Chicago Climate Exchange and the Obama administration's newly announced program to encourage energy efficiency upgrades. Watch the latest video at

Posted November 10, 2010    

US and India to Cooperate on Clean Energy

  Image by aquaview via Flickr   Reuters reported this morning that the United States and India will cooperate on clean energy projects, including shale gas development. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and U.S. President Barack...

Posted November 8, 2010    

Wharton Energy Conference Tries to Bridge the Future

Judging by the commentary at last Friday's Wharton Energy Conference, the bridge to the future is a double-truss of traditional and alternatives.   The conference, held at the stodgy, old-fashioned Union League of Philadelphia, featured a...

Posted November 2, 2010    

Why We Deserve to Lose (The Race for a New Green Economy)

No offenths, as the 4-year-old son of a friend used to say before offering a critical observation, but we suck.And we deserve to lose the race for a new green economy to China. Why?  Because we have systematically destroyed our opportunity to...

Posted October 28, 2010    

Veolia Trying to Accelerate Cleantech Solutions

Philippe Martin of Veolia EnvironnementI sat down last week with Philippe Martin and Robert Bozza of Veolia (NYSE:VE) at the Cleantech Forum New York last week to learn more about the company's Innovation Accelerator. Veolia Environnement is a...

Posted October 21, 2010