In reading some feedback to my posts at the Energy Collective regarding the analysis of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima there have been concerns voices not only in response to my posts, but in general to the accuracy of information provided on what's happening in Japan.

I thought it would be valuable therefor to continue to provide readers with links to further current news coverage of what's happening on the ground in Japan.

I appreciate the concern for information integrity around understanding and explaining technical aspects of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima as they are conveyed to the public, information that perhaps may be less accessible from a purely technical standpoint. However communication is in fact the key here, as the issues themselves are completely accessible, and core technical understanding is entirely scalable if laid out in lay terms.

On the ground at Fukushima and it's surrounding areas the Japanese people continue to face this disaster day in and day out, as the rest of us work to decipher what's happening. Humility comes to mind, if we are to understand some of what they are enduring.

I've selected these current news pieces with "need to know" information on Fukushima from a variety of reputable news sources and will work to revisit this topic with useful updates.

Photo by bizenjirapid213.