The nation continues to chart an independent course

Conceptual drawing of Russian 1000 MW VVER

According to research compiled by the World Nuclear Association, India expects to have 20 GWe nuclear capacity on line by 2020 and 63 GWe by 2032.

It aims to supply 25 percent of electricity from nuclear power by 2050. That’s an ambitious program. Getting there won’t be easy.

India's plans for new nuclear reactors include technology from Russia and France.  Japanese firms would like to play as well, but the government has qualms about the fact Indian has not signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Whether or not U.S. firms, including small modular reactor vendors, will have any access to the Indian market remains an open question.  One reason may be that state owned firms like Nalco, the aluminum manufacturer, want to become independent power producers.

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