Last year, the nation watched and waited for months during many failed attempts to cap the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, with the well capped and killed, the industry has responded with new response plans and equipment designed to keep future oil spills from getting out of control. energyNOW! anchor Thalia Assuras looks at one of these new sub-sea containment systems, the Helix Rapid Response.

Thalia interviews Majid Al-Sharif, vice president of engineering for Helix Energy Solutions, who explains how the device can be quickly deployed in the event of another spill, and how it's designed to cap the spill quickly while vessels deployed in the region work to capture the oil.

Thalia also speaks with Shell President Marvin Odum, who talks about a another system being developed by the Marine Well Containment company and plans to develop even larger system with more capacity and faster response.

Industry officials believe the lessons they have learned from the Deepwater Horizon disaster will help them avert similar tragedies in the future. Photo by Helix Well Containment Group.