Nuclear Energy Benefits

The case for advanced nuclear power, in twelve sentences:

1. Nuclear power plants generate power less expensively than wind or solar power plants.

2. Nuclear power plants are safer than other power plants.

3. There's plenty of uranium and thorium for civilization's foreseeable future.

4. People are overly fearful of radiation.

5. There's really not much waste; the US disposes of 1000 times more EPA-registered hazardous waste, like mercury, PCBs, etc.

6. Waste can be safely stored in rock tunnels like Yucca, salt caverns like New Mexico, or deep boreholes. New reactor designs can reduce the amount.

7. Nuclear weapons are derived from purpose-built reactors or centrifuges, not power plants.

8. Most electricity comes from coal and natural gas.

9. Today coal and natural gas generate power less expensively than nuclear and hydro.

10. To stop global particulate and CO2 pollution, we must provide developing nations with a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels.

11. Only advanced nuclear power reactors have the potential for energy cheaper than coal, necessary to dissuade 7 billion people in 250 nations from burning carbon.

12. The liquid fluoride thorium reactor has the potential to undersell fossil fuels and end the climate/energy/poverty crises.

Photo Credit: Nuclear Energy Benefits/shutterstock