Gregory Jaczko, the current chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, resigned this morning, ending the Republican-led witch-hunt against him in Congress. This also marks the end to a tumultuous couple of months for both the NRC and it’s congressional oversight commission, which have been plagued by disarray over Jaczko’s proposed safety reforms and his controversial leadership style, including alleged inappropriate behaviour towards female subordinates.

According to nuclear industry analyst Dan Yurman, Jaczko did significant damage to the reputation of the commission, so he welcomed this resignation. “Coming out of this, the NRC is in a much weaker position, precisely because of all the chaos surrounding Jaczko. If the White House is smart, they’ll nominate Bill Magwood as a successor, in order to minimize political fallout.” Magwood currently serves on the NRC, but is also controversial for allegedly orchestrating a failed coup against Jaczko in December, and is unpopular among environmental groups for his positions on nuclear safety.  Jaczko was a close ally of Senate Minority leader Harry Reid, dealing another blow to the embattled politician.

Dan blogs about issues surrounding the nuclear power industry at Idaho Samizdat, and is a frequent contributor to The Energy Collective.

Image via C-SPAN.