Wind has emerged as one of the most workable renewable energy technologies to finance, deploy, and see make a difference -currently, a limited difference- in the grid. The global wind industry has seen explosive growth in the last year, though tough times might lie ahead - advocates worry that countries will snuff renewable funding to satisfy budget concerns. What is needed to scale wind to a significant contributor to baseload? How big is the intermittency problem, really? What obstacles are in the way of wind replacing fossil as a major electricity source? The webinar will cover critical questions about wind energy.  The future of wind is important to all of us, to the extent that all of our fates are linked to climate change. More details below… REGISTER HERE!

Growing Wind Power:

The Future of Wind and the Quest for Cleaner Energy

Live Webcast August 10, 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

One of the few truly "clean" sources of energy available, wind power still provides just 3.2% of the power used in the United States, and less in Canada. But climate advocates and businesses alike are pushing hard to increase that share. Can the growth of the wind industry substantially reduce our dependence on fossil fuels? And if so, how soon? What evolutions in technology, policy, and economics are necessary to drive that growth? What are the obstacles to a large increase in wind power?

These are the questions The Energy Collective will explore in our newest webcast. Join us to discuss the future of wind energy. We'll cover:

  • How wind can compete economically with carbon-producing fossil fuels.
  • The role of wind power in driving economic growth in North America.
  • The challenges of finding and training qualified personnel in North America to build and operate wind facilities.
  • Realistic goals and estimates for wind's future as part of our energy mix.
  • The challenges to building wind power projects and reducing dependence on other energy sources.


Peter L. Kelley is Vice President for Public Affairs for the American Wind Energy Association, a national trade association promoting wind energy as a clean source of electricity for consumers around the world. Peter leads AWEA's media relations, publications, and strategic communications. He has previously provided public relations services to various clean energy clients as well as four national environmental groups. Peter started his career as a newspaper reporter, most recently as a Washington correspondent for Newhouse Newspapers and the National Security News Service.

Ellen Crivella is a Project Manager in the Environmental and Permitting Services (EPS) business group in the Portland, OR office of GL Garrad Hassan, the world's largest renewable energy consultancy. Her work focuses on managing comprehensive environmental permits, such as NEPA, CEQA, SEPA, EFSC, and other siting and licensing board applications. Ellen also has a strong background in operational regulatory compliance. She specializes in permit management for wind, solar, and wave energy projects.

Earl Walker is Head of Training and Development for the Americas Region for Siemens Energy, and has held a number of positions at Siemens with responsibility for hiring, training, and placing technicians at wind power generation sites across North America. Having joined Siemens in 2001, Earl has built internship programs, relationships with schools, and other programs to build practical knowledge about the wind industry with students. Previously, Earl spent 20 years with the Navy working with submarine nuclear propulsion systems and teaching technical, leadership and process improvement classes.

Jesse Jenkins is Director of Energy and Climate Policy at the Breakthrough Institute, and is one of the country's leading energy and climate policy analysts and advocates. Jesse's work and analysis has been featured in Time, Newsweek, Fortune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and other major media outlets. He is founder and chief editor of WattHead - Energy News and Commentary and a featured writer at the Energy Collective.